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Sergei Yekimov (Russia) is the Winner of the Government of St. Petersburg Prize in the field of culture and arts, Head of the Academic Choir of the Faculty of Arts of St. Petersburg State Institute of Culture, Artistic Director of the Institute of Culture Concert Choir and Women’s Choir of St. Petersburg N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov Music College. S.Yekimov is member of the Russian Composers’ Union and the Union of Concert Artists of St. Petersburg, Artistic Director of the International Choral Festival «The Singing World» (St. Petersburg), laureate of international competitions, Associate Professor. S.Yekimov is the author of choral and orchestral works, instrumental and vocal ensembles, spiritual and secular music a cappella, vocal cycles, piano and choral pieces for children, music for plays, Russian folk songs arrangements for the choir, popular tunes, romantic ballads and popular songs. Since 2012 S. Yekimov has been teaching at the Choral Conducting Department of Saint Petersburg Conservatoire.

Sheet Music:

  1. Russian folk song in the author’s arrangement by S. Ekimov «Ty, reka l’ moya rechen’ka» («You, my river») Download: part 1 part 2
  2. Arne Mellnas “Aglepta” Download…
  3. Ekimov «Kangaroo» Download: part 1 part 2 part 3

Igor Matyukhov is Associate professor and Head of the Department of Choral Conducting of Institute of Music, Theatre and Choreography of the Russian State A. I. Herzen Pedagogical  University, Honored artist of the Republic of Belarus, Ph.D. in Art history.

Sheet Music:

  1. Ya. Dubravin «Eto chto za skazka» «What’s the fairytale» Download…
  2. М. Ippolitov-Ivanov «Blagoslovi,  dushe moya» («Bless my soul») Download…


Vladimir Polyakov (Russia) is graduate from the St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts (now SPbGIK) as a «Conductor of the Academic Choir» (the class of Professor V.P. Ilyin) and simultaneously learned composition at the St. Petersburg N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov State Conservatory (the class of Professor B.I. Tischenko). He worked in the High School No. 56 of St. Petersburg as the head of the senior students’ choir; winner of a grant for students, post-graduate students, young scholars and musical professionals for his composition Requiem in 1998 (premiered in 1997). From 1999 to 2001 – the choirmaster of the Opera and Ballet Theater of the St. Petersburg Conservatory, since 2002 — a lecturer at the Department of Academic Choir of the St. Petersburg State Institute of Culture (formerly SPbGUKI). Author of numerous works for choirs of different compositions and age groups, adaptations of Russian folk songs.

Sheet Music:

Polyakov «Otche nash» («Our father») Download…

Larisa Yarutskaya (Russia) is Senior Lecturer of the Academic Choir Department at the St. Petersburg Institute of Culture, artistic director of the children’s choir «Perezvony (Chimes)» of the St. Petersburg M.I. Glinka children’s school of arts, which has many times won the Grand Prix; artistic director of the Children’s Choir of the International Elena Obraztsova Academy of Music; winner of the St. Petersburg Government Prize, winner of the Ministry of Culture Prize of the Russian Federation «The best Art School teacher of 2015», winner of national and international competitions; board member of the Concert Community of St. Petersburg.

Sheet Music:

Ya. Dubravin «О chyom mechtayut deti na planete» («For what do children dream of on the planet») Download…

Alexander Solovyev (Russia) is Professor of the Department of Contemporary Choral Performing Art of P. Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory, Dean in charge of work with foreign students, member of the Academic Council, art director and chief conductor of the Chamber Choir of the Moscow Conservatory, Tula State Choir and the Concert Choir of the A.Schnittke Moscow State Institute of Music (MGIM). Оfficial representative of Russia in the Council of the «World Choir Games», organized by the «Interkultur» International Association; A. Solovyev has been the Principal Guest Conductor for the Educational Bridge Project Festival Choir (Boston, USA) since 2012; since 2013 he has been  Guest Conductor for the Taipei Philharmonic Chorus (Taiwan). A. Solovyev is also Artistic Director of the International Open Festival of Arts «To the Victory Day», Artistic Director of the International Autumn Choral Festival named after Professor B.G.Tevlin; Artistic Director of the Tula State Choir (from 2016). Winner of the Grant of the President of the Russian Federation in the field of culture and arts.

Sheet Music:

    1. Rachmaninov «Bogoroditse Devo» («Rejoice, O virgin mother of God») Download: part 1 part 2
    2. R. Shedrin «Serenade» Download… 
    3. Eshpay «Pesnya o krinitsach» «Song about springs» Download… 
    4. Shnitke «Otche nash» («Our father») Download…
    5. K.Bodrov «Choral» Download…

Rolandas Daugėla (Lithuania) is Associate Professor at the Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) Music Academy (Kaunas); since 1998 the chief conductor of World Lithuanian Song Celebrations; Artistic director and conductor of church chamber choir “Cantate Domino”, VMU Academic choir “Vivere Cantus” and the choir “Cantica”; Lithuanian choral expert – advisor. He is Artistic director of International Choir Festivals and Competitions cycle «Lituania Cantat». Member of the jury of national and international competitions. In 1998, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania provided this artist with the 1st degree S. Šimkus award, a winner of “Authentic music” award (2008), “Golden bird” award for nomination of “International shine star” (2009), was awarded the Kaunas City Municipality Culture and Art Prize (2010) and the city of Kaunas burgomaster Jonas Vileišis brass medal (2011).

Sheet Music:

Vaclovas Augustinas (1959) «ANOJ PUSĖJ DUNOJĖLIO» Download…

Milan Kolena (Slovakia) is Art Director of the International Sacred Music Choir Festival Námestovské hudobné slavnosti, Musica Sacra in Bratislava, Slovakia Cantat. Since 2013 he is the President of the Slovak Choral Association. Dr. Milan Kolena teaches choir conducting and Gregorian chant at VŠMU. He is active as a Jury member at national and international choral competitions in Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, Slovakia, Russia and he gave lectures at three American universities, did workshops in China and Hong Kong. He was awarded the “Best conductor” special prize of the International Competition of choirs and ensembles «Singing World» named after Y. Falik (2015).

Sheet Music:

  1. Tomás Luis de Victoria «Ave Maria» Download…
  2. M. Jašurdová «Salve, Regina» Download…
  3. Anton Bruckner «Locus iste» Download…
  4. Patrik Killeen «Ave Maria» Download…
  5. Zdenek Lukas «Missa brevis» Download…

Branko Stark (Croatia) is composer, choral director and voice instructor, teaches vocal technique at the Arts Academy (University of Split-Croatia); has written over two hundred compositions. His speciality is voice theory and its scientific-pedagogic research and works published on this subject. He is also a prominent adjudicator for many international choral competitions. He is President of the Croatian Choral Directors Association, Head of the Vocal Academy, a member of the International Council of the World Choir Games and Advisor for Croatia in the International Federation for Choral Music (IFCM). Holds seminars, master-classes, lectures and workshops for choral conductors and singers worldwide.




4 August, Friday 15.30


The Swedish Church, Igor Matyukhov,

S. Rachmaninov «Bogoroditce Devo»



IN THE KAZAN CATHEDRAL (any choirs can participate-

Mixed, female, male, children’s)

— Choir «ODYSSÉES» (Claye-Souilly, France)

— Appassionato choir (Targoviste, Romania)

5 August, Saturday 11.00 School № 4

Sergey Yekimov,

A. Mellnas «Aglepta» («Magic»)

(Women’s choir)

— Female choir «Amarillas» of the Krasnodar State Institute of Culture (Krasnodar, Russia)


5 August, Saturday 11.00 School № 4

Igor Matyukhov,

J. Dubravin «This is what a fairy tale»

(Children choir)

— Children’s choir «Serafimushka» (S.Elykaevo, Kemerovo region, Russia)

— Vocal ensemble «Heavenly swallows» First Children’s School of Art named after M.P. Mussorgsky (Tver, Russia)

— Choir of the School for the Study of Foreign Languages. Huang Sheng (Chengdu, China)

— Ensemble «Mayachok» of the Far Eastern Federal University (Vladivostok, Russia)

— The choir «Allegro» of choral studio of the Center for Children and Youth (Yaroslavl, Russia)

5 August, Saturday 12.00 School № 4

Sergey Yekimov,

Russian folk song in the free. Arr.

S. Ekimov «You are my river, river»

(Female choir)

— Choir «Semiquaver» (Zhuhai, China)

— Chamber choir of the Far Eastern Federal University (Vladivostok, Russia)

5 August, Saturday 12.00 School № 4

Larissa Yarutskaya,

Ya. Dubravin «What do children dream of on the planet»

(Children’s choir)

— Children and Youth Choir «Blagovest»

(Gubkin, Belgorod region, Russia)

— Vocal-choral ensemble «Ensolei» (Izhevsk, Russia)


5 August, Saturday 12.00 School № 4

Milan Kolena

Michael Bojesen «Gloria»



— Children’s Choir «Renwen Philharmonic Treble Choir» (Wuhan, China)
5 August, Saturday 13.00 School № 4

Milan Kolena

V. Mishinis «Beneditus»


— «Cantus” Chorus of the Children’s Art School № 9 (Voronezh, Russia)
5 August, Saturday 17.00 School No. 4

Rolandas Daugela,

Vaclovas Augustinas (1959)




-The Academic choir of Far Eastern Federal University (Vladivostok, Russia)
August 7, Monday 12.00 The Swedish Church

Igor Matyukhov

M. Ippolitov-Ivanov «Bless my soul, Lord»


IN THE KAZAN CATHEDRAL (any choirs can participate —

Mixed, female, male, children’s)


— Vocal ensemble “Me & You” of the Igrynsky District Palace of Culture and Sports «Neftyanik» (Igra settlement, Udmurt Republic, Russia)

— Сhapel of boys and young men «Ingur» (Izhevsk, Udmurt Republic, Russia)

— Male vocal ensemble «Rus'» of the Selty District House of Culture (Selty village, Udmurt Republic, Russia)