International Festival of Choral Art

August, 2 — 7, 2019, St.Petersburg, Russia
August, 6 — 11, 2020, St.Petersburg, Russia
August, 5 — 10, 2021, St.Petersburg, Russia


Dear friends!

I am happy to welcome the participants and guests of the 16th International Festival of Choral Art «The Singing World» in St. Petersburg in the 315th anniversary of the founding of the city on the Neva!

During its lifetime «The Singing World» festival became a true celebration of performing skills and one of the most significant events in the cultural life of our city. This international project brings together professional and amateur teams. The festival invariably finds a warm response in the hearts of listeners, making them admire its amazing atmosphere and enjoy a rich and diverse program.

This year, St. Petersburg will play host to teams from different regions of Russia, Eastern and Western Europe, Asia and Latin America. Traditionally, the Yuri Falik International Competition of Choirs and Vocal Ensembles will be held within the scope of the festival.

I am sure that the great international project «The Singing World» will significantly strengthen the international and interregional community, will favor us with joy of communicating with interesting, talented people.

I wish all participants of the festival artistic inspiration and successful performances, and guests — colorful unforgettable impressions!

E. Sukhenko

Chairman of the Committee for Culture of St. Petersburg

Dear fans of choral singing!

The St. Petersburg State Institute of Culture, one of the major musical universities in Russia, is cordially greeting participants and guests of the 16th International Festival of Choral Art «The Singing World»!

Throughout its lifetime, the festival has found many loyal fans and friends in different corners of the globe and, of course, in its native northern capital.

The «Singing World» brings together thousands of professionals and fans of choral singing from around the world, and there will be about 20 concerts of choral music at concert venues, in the cathedrals and temples of St. Petersburg, in the 6 days of the festival, where more than 1,500 participants will perform!

It is gratifying that the Yuri Falik International competition of choirs and vocal ensembles «The Singing World» will take place within the scope of the festival, as well as master classes in which the teachers and students of our institute will participate.

I sincerely congratulate you on having a choral forum of such a large scale and wish you good luck, artistic inspiration and new discoveries!

  A.S. Turgayev

Rector of the St. Petersburg State Institute of Culture, Honorary Figure of Russian Higher Education, Professor

I am glad to welcome participants and guests of the 16th International Festival of Choral Art «The Singing World»!

This year, there was a festive atmosphere, the atmosphere of friendship and unity, warmth and sympathy, cordiality and hospitality during the days of the World Soccer Cup!

These mood and feelings will be with us during the days of the musical festival — International Festival of Choral Art «The Singing World».

In 16 years, our Festival and the Yuri Falik Competition of choirs and vocal ensembles «THE SINGING WORLD» held in the framework of the Festival, has gained a world fame, popularity and authority. And the geography of visitors coming to our festival this year is truly unique. It extends from China to Mexico through the countries of Europe and many cities of Russia.

The main result of all the festivals is undoubtedly the great unifying mission of the choral art – fostering mutual understanding between different peoples, cultures and countries.

I wish all participants and guests of the 16th International Festival of Choral Art «The Singing World» many colorful artistic impressions and joy from kind and warm communication between people!

Ya. I. Dubravin

People’s Artist of Russia, Winner of the St. Petersburg Government Prize, Composer

Dear friends!

In these warm August days hospitable St. Petersburg is meeting a truly momentous cultural event of the summer — the 16th International Singing World Festival of Choral Art, which for the 14th time will host The Singing World competition of choral groups and vocal ensembles in honor of People’s Artist of Russia, professor of the St. Petersburg N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory, remarkable St. Petersburg composer Yuri Falik!

The cultural capital of Russia, whose architectural uniqueness and beauty, filled with true spirituality, is again receiving choirs and ensembles from all over the singing world! I am convinced that all artistic teams who have come to our festival and competition this year will show the highest level of performing skills, passion and sincere love for choral singing, thus creating the atmosphere of a great celebration of choral art!

I wish all participants a cloudless sky in the days of the festival, and the contestants – a true creative flame, optimism, energy and, as always, let the strongest win!

V.V. Uspenskiy

Chairman of the Jury of the XIII International Yuriy Falik Competition of Choirs and Vocal Ensembles “The Singing World”, Head of the Department of Choral Conducting of the St. Petersburg Rimskiy-Korsakov Conservatoire, Artistic Director of the Students’ Choir of the St. Petersburg Conservatoire, People’s Artist of Russia, Professor

Dear participants, guests and listeners of the Festival!

In the endless and diverse succession of musical events in St. Petersburg, the  International Festival of Choral Art «The Singing World» has occupied its rightful place for many years. Successfully The poetic name of the Festival, so aptly found, reflects its essence and purpose in the best possible way: this cultural forum provides a unique opportunity for professional and amateur musicians to come together and communicate, irrespective of their nations, confessions and age. All of them will sing in their native languages, but they will perfectly understand each other thanks to a unique common means of communication — the language of Music.

It is with sincere joy that I welcome and support the traditional concert of music by contemporary St. Petersburg composers, which this year will be held for the first time in the famous hall of St. Petersburg State University.

I would especially like to note that for the 14th time there will be an International Competition of Choirs and Vocal Ensembles within the scope of the Festival, which since 2010 is named in honor of the famous St. Petersburg composer, the true master of choral music Yuri Falik, who was one of the originators of both the Festival and competition.

Let the Festival give all of us the pleasure of aesthetic experiences, and let the atmosphere of artistic competition and friendship reign there!

O. Korchmar

Chairman of the Union of composers of St. Petersburg, Art director of the “Petersburg musical spring” international festival, Honoured artist of the Russian Federation, the government of St. Petersburg award winner, Professor