International Festival of Choral Art

August, 3 — 8, 2018, St.Petersburg, Russia
August, 2 — 7, 2019, St.Petersburg, Russia
August, 1 — 6, 2020, St.Petersburg, Russia


Dear friends!

I am glad to welcome participants, guests and organizers of the 15th International Festival of Choral Art «Singing World»!

In 15 years the festival has become one of the main musical traditions of the Petersburg summer and gained worldwide fame. Annually it gathers more than 3 thousand professionals and amateurs of choral singing from all corners of the world. This year we shall meet teams from Greece, Italy, Israel, Kazakhstan, China, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Turkey, France, Croatia, Estonia and, of course, Russia.

A special feature of the festival is its traditional events: the concert of St. Petersburg composers, the evening of folk art at the Russian Ethnographic Museum and the program of Russian sacred music in the Kazan Cathedral.

I am sure that the «Singing World» festival will become a true celebration of choral art!

From the bottom of my heart I wish the participants of the festival success and creative inspiration, and the audience — colorful impressions!

E. Sukhenko

Chairman of the Committee for Culture of St. Petersburg


Dear friends!

I am glad to welcome the participants and guests of the 15th International Festival of Choral Art “The Singing World”.

During its existence this vocal festival has become a bright spot on the musical map of St. Petersburg, preserving and popularizing choral culture. Bringing together participants from different parts of the world, the festival is constantly expanding its borders, being an excellent platform for the exchange of experience and cooperation. I am very pleased that within the framework of the festival there is a competition that bears the name of Yuri A. Falik, an outstanding composer and conductor.

From the bottom of my heart I would like to wish all the participants of the festival success and creative longevity!

A. Gergiev

Chairman of the All-Russian Choral Society, Artistic Director — Director of the Mariinsky Theatre, Honorary citizen of St. Petersburg, Hero of Labor of Russia, People’s Artist of the Russian Federation


Dear Participants of the Singing World International Choral Festival!

It is our pleasure to see the stable mission of this great festival in St. Petersburg to bring together singers from all over the world, let them meet and sing together, make friends, and get convinced that choral singing is perhaps the most powerful way to create peace and understanding among different cultures.

On behalf of the European Choral Association — Europa Cantat I wish you a successful festival, enjoy wonderful St. Petersburg and never stop being ambassadors of our most important message: it is our differences that unite us!

Gábor Móczár

President of European Choral Association — Europa Cantat


International Festival of Choral Art «The Singing World» this year is the fifteenth! This is an anniversary!

As before, the festival today demonstrates the phenomenon of choral brotherhood, warmth of human contact, atmosphere of friendship, mutual understanding and tolerance. The term «choral diplomacy» was born at our festival. It means that choral diplomacy can replace the negotiations of policy makers, break the ice of tensions. Several years ago, closing yet another festival of choral art, I said, addressing the audience: «If the leaders of all countries of the world sang in a common choir, the world would be different». I am sure that nothing can unite people of different nationalities and religions, different beliefs and just different characters, better than joint music making, like singing in a choir.

Choral singing is a favorite centuries-old tradition of the Russian culture. All the events of life in Russia are interwoven with choral singing: weddings and birthdays, holidays and social events. That is why «The Singing World» festival found great support, sympathy and interest with a huge audience of fans and admirers of choral art.

I wish all participants and guests of the 15th International Festival of Choral Art «The Singing World» lots of colorful artistic impressions and joy from kind and warm human contacts.

Ya. I. Dubravin

People’s artist of Russia, composer, professor of the St. Petersburg Institute of Culture, a member of the Russian Union of Composers and the Union of Concert Performers of St. Petersburg


Dear admirers of choral art!

On behalf of the management of the Saint-Petersburg Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory, the oldest music school in Russia, I am happy to welcome the organizers, guests and participants of the 15th Anniversary International Festival of Choral Art The Singing World! Choral singing is one of the most beautiful kinds of musical art, touching the finest strings of human soul.

It is without doubt that over the years of its existence The Singing World has become one of the largest international choral festivals taking place in St. Petersburg, a city with enormous creative potential and rich cultural traditions.

Acquaintance with the choir schools of different countries and peoples, conducting joint rehearsals and splendid gala concerts, master classes of outstanding choirmasters and panel members of the XIII International Competition of choirs and vocal ensembles The Singing World, named after an outstanding composer, professor of the St. Petersburg Conservatory, People’s Artist of Russia, Yuri Falik, will take place during the festival and are some of the most important events of this large-scale choral celebration that has become a vivid and integral cultural event of the St. Petersburg summer.

I sincerely wish this choral forum a long and creative life and all its participants the most positive impressions!

N. Vasiliev

Rector of the St. Petersburg N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov State Conservatoire, Award Winner of the International Competition, Artistic Director and Conductor of the A. Paulavichyus Youth Symphonic Orchestra, Associate Professor


Dear connoisseurs of choral music!

This year it is already for the 15th time that St. Petersburg receives the participants and guests of the Anniversary International Festival of Choral Art “The Singing World”. Over the years the festival won many friends and admirers in different parts of the world and became a bright and memorable event of the St. Petersburg summer.

The “Singing World” unites thousands of amateurs and professionals of choral singing from different countries of the world, and under the roofs of the best cathedrals and concert halls of the Northern capital, choral singing can be heard for six days from morning until late night.

It is nice that the evening of choir music by St. Petersburg composers has become a good tradition of your festival, where the sacred and secular compositions of the composers from the city on the Neva — both gone and still living — are played by Russian and, what is particularly pleasing, foreign musicians.

And it is for the 13th time that within the festival there will be an international competition of choirs and vocal ensembles “The Singing World” named in honor of Yuri Falik — one of the brightest representatives of the St. Petersburg school of composition, who wrote a large number of choral compositions popular not only in Russia but also abroad.

On behalf of the Union of Composers of St. Petersburg I wish the festival and the competition prosperity, its participants — brilliant performances and creative inspiration, and its organizers — good luck and a successful forum!

 М. Slonimskiy

People’s Artist of Russia, Winner of the State Prize of Russia, Academician of the Russian Academy of Education, Professor of the St. Petersburg N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory, Cavalier of the Order of Merit for the Fatherland and the Order of Honor, Winner of the Prize of the Government of St. Petersburg, composer


Dear participants of the 15th International Festival of Choral Art

“The Singing World” and the 13th International Yu. Falik Contest of Choirs

and Vocal Ensembles “The Singing World”!

Every year St. Petersburg continues to strengthen its status of a political, economic, sporting and, of course, cultural capital of Russia. A striking proof of this is the major choral festival held in our city and the “Singing World” contest, whose name is already well known in this country and enjoys great popularity abroad. The unique architecturel of the Northern capital, its beauty, filled with true spirituality, is, like never before, in tune with the idea of the festival — to unite people in the pursuit of a beautiful, spiritual closeness. Numerous palaces, temples, masterpieces of urban sculpture, museums, theaters, canals, the majestic Neva and the main treasure of St. Petersburg — its residents, true connoisseurs of beauty, for whom each new meeting with the participants of the “Singing World” will be full of joy and memorable. I am convinced that, like in the past, the contest in memory of the outstanding St. Petersburg composer, a true master of choral writing Yuri Falik, held within the framework of the festival for the 13th time, where atmosphere of fair competition will traditionally reign, will discover new names and bring genuine pleasure to our listeners, and its participants, as always, will demonstrate a high level of professional performing art!

Let the strongest win!

 V. Uspenskiy

Chairman of the Jury of the XIII International Yuriy Falik Competition of Choirs and Vocal Ensembles “The Singing World”, Head of the Department of Choral Conducting of the St. Petersburg Rimskiy-Korsakov Conservatoire, Artistic Director of the Students’ Choir of the St. Petersburg Conservatoire, People’s Artist of Russia, Professor